Due to the rapid and increased growth being experienced in Washington County, appropriate transportation planning must accompany the physical and economic development anticipated. By supporting strategies that provide for increased public transportation and essential infrastructure improvements, Washington County can ensure that transportation keeps up with all other growth in the county. Furthermore, the WCRPC encourages transit oriented development and improved circulation planning to minimize the negative impacts associated with increased traffic from summer beachgoers and the growing number of residents and commuters. To this end, the Washington County Regional Planning Council is working to:

  • Identify regional priorities for infrastructure improvement and development of alternative modes of transportation.
  • Encourage and facilitate nomination of Washington County roadways to scenic by-way status, and pursue scenic by-way enhancement grants on behalf of Washington County towns.
  • Work with R.I. Public Transportation Authority, Department of Transportation, and Statewide Planning to initiate a regional transportation plan, that incorporates a range of transportation modes and supports the county’s desired economic and land use goals, using the model of the Aquidneck Island Planning Commission as a guide.
  • Participate on the State of RI Rail Advisory Committee to guide the comprehensive rail plans for our region.
  • Identify alternative routes for traffic to alleviate congestion on Routes 138, 102, and 1.
  • Encourage Greenspace Project implementation strategies to preserve scenic rural vistas and create scenic corridors along primary and secondary roadways.