WCRPC Legislative Priorities

The Washington County Regional Planning Council formally adopted these Legislative Priorities in February 2013. These were presented and provided to our local Washington County legislators at our annual Legislator's Breakfast Meeting.

Affordable Housing

Problem: The current needs of communities and citizens are not being met. The housing market and regional economy are radically different than in 2004. The Study Commission that was intended to monitor state response has not met in many years. Units have not been counted uniformly and units are being lost. The blanket 10% does not reflect local workforce housing needs.

Solution: Reinstate Study Commission and require monthly meetings which include discussions with each town. Require report on findings by December 2013.

Charter School Tuition

Problem: Towns are incurring a great expense to send students to charters schools, some of which do not rank as high as their local public school.

Solution: Remove the requirement for towns to reimburse charter school tuition, if their local public school ranks as high or higher than the charter school for which reimbursement is requested.

Coastal Erosion

Problem: Lack of coordination between CRMC/DEM/Coastal Towns.

Solution: Appoint a Study Commission, that includes coastal town representatives, interacts with the Beach SAMP, and addresses streamlining and coordination efforts between state organizations and coastal communities.


Problem: Towns are mandated to use the utility for this public safety resource and cannot capture efficiencies in energy use and contracted maintenance.

Solution: Legislation to remove mandate and allow municipalities to voluntarily purchase and manage their street light systems.